Flamethrower & Blizzard

“Flamethrower & Blizzard”

Weapons, Earthrise MMO, 2007/2008

2x4 Textures Set /512x512/
Diffuse, Color Specular, Diffuse, Color Emissive


Notes: All textures are painted entirely in Photoshop. The shots are in-game, from the Earthrise Model Editor. Standard Diffuse Phong, Normal, Specular Materials. No post-processing or photo-retouching has been made, except DOF which is added in Photoshop.
Property of Masthead Studios.

The Low Poly, the High Poly and a basic color map are made from a colleague of mine - Alexander Grigorov. I have enhanced a little bit the normal maps and made all the other necessary maps like: diffuse, specular, emissive and the final materials used in the game.