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Losing The Way


Card art for Legend of the Five Rings 2013 Alderac Entertainment Group Losing the Way "Seen through the lessons of Fudo, many things in the Colonies seemed reasonable and righteous. Consequences were ignored in favor of a new freedom


Dead Island: Riptide Cover Story


"The developers behind Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide have been thinking about zombies on a daily basis for years. Resident Game Informer zombie expert Tim Turi can't stop pouring zombie and survival fiction into his mind. We thought it would be a good idea to get them all together in a casual round table discussion on the rise in popularity of zombies and survival-based gameplay. Watch the discussion below to hear Deep Silver's Sebastian Reichert, Alex Toplansky, and Nikolay Stoyanov's thoughts on DayZ, Minecraft, The Walking Dead, H.G. Wells, Dead Island, and Skyrim. I hope you enjoy!"


Artisans Award of Recongition

Good morning, I wake up and I saw on my mail that i got an Artisans Award of Recongition for my artwork for the Prince of Persia HD Collection from the forums... Thanks a lot guys! You can see the post here: Game Artisans Prince of Persia Post


Long time no see… Welcome back

after a coupple of years going offline now my site is back online Currently I am still working on this site, so most of the galleries will be filled every day, so check back often for updates